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Tips for Driving During or After Summer Showers


Summer showers can happen out of nowhere. Although they may seem harmless, careless driving could lead to accidents on the road.

A few tips to reinforce what you already know about driving during or after summer showers.

  1. Check equipment

    Check tires for proper tread depth and proper inflation, check lights (brake, headlights, and signal lights) to make sure they are all properly working, and check windshield wipers that they are removing water from windshield properly.

  2. Keep your eyes peeled

    No texting, no playing with music; 100% focus on the road. Keeping your eyes on the road prevents you from making a mistake, and it also allows you to potentially avoid someone else’s mistake.

  3. Slow down

    Puddles of water can cause hydroplaning - and oil rises to the top of asphalt after rain making the road more slippery. Slow down to decrease likelihood of losing control of your vehicle.

  4. Give yourself some space

    Create more distance between you and other vehicles. It will allow you to have more time to stop or react if you have to stop or react unexpectedly.

  5. Keep your lights on

    It will make you more visible to others.

  6. Stay away from large trucks

    Rainy and windy conditions make it more difficult for large trucks to stay within their lane. If you are near them, you are at risk should the truck have an issue staying within its lane from making contact with a puddle or sudden wind gust.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be less likely to get into accidents when driving during wet conditions.

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