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Personal Injury / Auto Accidents


Have you been hurt in a car accident or due to the fault of another? Here's some answers to questions you may have:


What should I do if I’ve been involved in a car accident?

If you click here, we have a free guide – what to do if you’ve been involved in a car accident.

I have been injured in a car accident, what do I do? 

You should see a doctor immediately. If you feel that you’re hurt, your first and foremost concern should be your health. The most important thing is to seek the medical care which may be necessary to protect you against further, long-term health problems. Get the medical care you need and get it promptly!

I was hurt in an accident and cannot afford an attorney.  What can I do?

Relax, you do not have to pay anything up front. Our firm handles personal injury cases on a “contingency fee basis.” That means that we do not receive a fee or recover our case expenses unless we recover an award for you. You can contact our office for a free consultation.




Have you been arrested due to a DWI/OWI? We're sure you have a lot of questions.


What should I do if I get pulled over?

Click here for a free glove box guide that lists some advice in the event you are ever stopped by the police.

I was arrested for an OWI. When should I contact a lawyer?

Immediately. We like to meet with clients as soon as possible after arrest, for several reasons. First, there are strict deadlines to preserve and protect the client’s license privileges (30 days from date of arrest). In addition, clients can provide facts useful in their representation when their memory is best. The lawyer also may have to gather evidence which may be lost, and finally, the lawyer can begin working with the client in reaching the best result possible.

Why are OWIs so difficult to defend?

OWIs are highly technical, highly scrutinized by the public and law enforcement, and there are inconsistencies on how the offense is handled throughout different jurisdictions.  Further, the client is usually an “amateur” within the criminal justice system (this is a good thing), and usually faces severe and unexpected consequences with their employment, school, and/or personal lives. For that reason, we recommend that anyone charged with an OWI hire someone that is very experienced in that area of law.  


Criminal Defense


We represent clients who have been accused of violating state & federal crimes, including possession of drugs or narcotics (such as marijuana, crack-cocaine, or meth), illegally obtained prescription drug charges, possession with intent to distribute, illegal drug manufacturing and possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). 


Do I need to hire a lawyer if I am arrested or accused of a crime?

It is absolutely in your best interest to consult a lawyer as early as possible if you find yourself in the criminal justice system. An attorney knows the law, understands the proceedings, and is familiar with the players involved on all sides. A lawyer will fight for your legal and constitutional rights, and will monitor the proceedings for legality and fairness. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal counsel with the public defender’s office.  Right to counsel is a constitutionally guaranteed – and for good reason.

What should I do if I am arrested?

If the police arrest you, immediately ask to speak with an attorney. Be clear and straightforward – say, “I want to speak with an attorney.” If you clearly and expressly say that you want to speak to an attorney, the police must stop any questioning or interrogation.

Do not say things like, “Maybe I should talk to a lawyer,” or “Do you think I should speak with an attorney?” If your statement is ambiguous, the police may continue to question you and will try to obtain harmful statements against you.

Never speak to the police without your criminal defense attorney present; doing so could result in you incriminating yourself.  Everything you say or do from the moment you come into contact with the officer can and will be used against you.



My situation without going into to much detail, was dire to say the least. I mean ruin the rest of my life dire. What my previous attorneys couldn’t accomplish over an almost 2 year time span, Chaz got it done in less than 3 months with a 100% better outcome! To sum it up Chaz is a masterful defense attorney.
— Shane


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